KL Forest Eco Park

KL Forest Eco Park

KL Forest Eco Park is a vast nature reserve that acts as a magnet for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. It is the only remaining tropical rainforest in the Kuala Lumpur city center. The forest was gazetted as a Bird Sanctuary, and Wildlife Reserve in 1950 and 1934, respectively, and about five hectares of area was identified as a Virgin Jungle Reserve. You'll find here more than two hundred tree species, twelve animal species, and twenty-five species of birds. The prime attraction is a two-hundred-meter canopy walk through the treetops that brings you face-to-face with the oldest trees and colorful birds.

Several hiking trails wind through the rainforest giving hikers a mini jungle experience. There are three major trails that you can explore- the Penarahan trail, the Jelutong trail, and the Arboretum trail. It also features a herbal garden where you can find a variety of local herbs, a fern house, and an Orchid Garden. Visit the information center to learn about the various ecological habitats and the conservation efforts they are taking to preserve wildlife. You can also camp in the park by taking permission from the forest authorities.

Things To Do At KL Forest Eco Park

Whether you're a nature lover, a wildlife enthusiast, or a thrill seeker, KL Forest Eco Park has tons of activities on offer to satiate your wanderlust. You can undertake a canopy walk to get an aerial view of the treetops and the tropical birds. Explore the herbal garden that houses local herbs that can be used to cure various diseases. Pump up your adrenaline level by hiking the nature trails that are spread throughout the park. You can also enjoy bird watching and meet some of the rarest animals. Buy souvenirs and gifts made of timber from the Timber Product Gallery.

Canopy Walk

Witness the grandeur and glory of the rainforest from a different perspective by opting for a canopy walk at KL Forest Eco Park. The canopy walk gives you a bird's eye perspective of the rainforest from heights of 21 meters above the ground across treetop observation platforms and hanging bridges. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for orchids, some of the oldest trees, including Merawan Batu and Jelutong, and a myriad of wildlife.

Nature Trails

KL Forest Eco Park has some of the most incredible nature trails that allow you to get up close to nature. You can transverse through the Penarahan trail, the Jelutong trail, or the Arboretum trail to have the best wilderness experience. Along these trails, you can come face to face with some brightly colored insects, butterflies, monkeys, lemurs, civet cats, and bats.

See Timber Product Gallery

Timber Product Gallery is situated close to the entrance of the rainforest and is an ideal place to buy souvenirs and gifts made of timber. The timber products sold by the shop are sturdy and cheap and will last a lifetime as a memoir with you.

Small Hikes

There are many small and picturesque trails interwoven all across the KL Forest Eco Park. You can stroll along these trails through the dense foliage and discover some of the most exotic bird and animal species.

Explore Herbal Garden

KL Forest Eco Park features a herbal garden where you can see a wide variety of medicinal and aromatic herbs that can be used to cure various diseases. Apart from the various herbs, the Herbal Garden also features a fern house and an Orchid Garden. You can enjoy a guided tour of the garden to learn about the usage of these herbs.

Go for a Picnic

There are many green areas throughout the Kuala Lumpur Eco Park where you can spread your blanket and enjoy an outdoor feast. Spend a relaxed evening with your family away from the hustle and bustle and raucous sounds of the city. While enjoying the picnic, don't forget to appreciate the wonderful views.

Know Before You Go KL Forest Eco Park

- Location: Lot 240, Bukit Nanas, Jalan Raja Chulan. 50250, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

- Timings: 8 am-3 pm (Monday to Thursday and Saturday to Sunday)8:00 am to 12:00 pm & 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm (Friday)

- How to Reach:- By Bus: Buses PJ05, GOKL, and 190 run daily to KL Forest Eco Park from the City Centre. You can take any of these buses from City Centre to reach the forest.- By Car: The City Centre is around 2.7 kilometers away from The KL Forest Eco Park. You can book a cab/taxi from City Centre and reach the forest via the Jalan Raja Chulan road.

  • Best Time To Visit: Opening hours are the best time to visit The KL Forest Eco Park if you want to have a crowd-free experience. Avoid visiting the park on the weekends as it is extremely crowded, and you might not be able to explore the park peacefully.

Tips To Visit KL Forest Eco Park

  • Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the trip.
  • If you're thinking of camping inside the Kuala Lumpur Eco Park, you must take permission from the forest authorities.
  • Visit the forest during the opening hours to avoid the huge rush.
  • Apply high-SPF sunscreen to stay away from sunburn and heat rashes.
  • The canopy walk is not stroller friendly, so if kids are accompanying you on the walk, take care of them to avoid accidents.
  • Don't throw trash here and there and pollute the forest. Carry a garbage bag with you to keep the trash.

FAQs For KL Forest Eco Park

What facilities are available at KL Forest Eco Park?

Some of the facilities available at Kuala Lumpur Eco Park include picnic benches, playground campsites, and a wooden gazebo.

Is KL Forest Eco Park worth visiting?

Yes, Kuala Lumpur Eco Park is absolutely worth visiting, as it is the oldest rainforest reserve in Malaysia, where you can find the rarest bird species, animals, and plants. You can also enjoy various activities here like canopy walking, camping, picnicking, and nature trail exploration.

What are the best places to visit near KL Forest Eco Park?

- Petronas Twin Towers: Petronas Twin Towers is the world's tallest twin skyscraper standing at the height of 451.9 meters. It has an observation deck and a double-decker sky bridge, which provides a breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur.

- KLCC Park: KLCC Park is a 50-acre urban park designed by Roberto Burle Marx to add a touch of greenery to the Petronas Towers. It has the perfect balance of lush greenery, and decorative man made designs.

- KL Bird Park: If you're a bird lover, you're in for a treat at KL Bird Park, as it houses more than three thousand birds of two hundred species. It is the largest free-flight park in the world, with three free-flight bird zones and one caged bird zone.

What is a canopy walk at KL Forest Eco Park?

The canopy walk is an aerial bridge 21 m above the ground, providing a breathtaking view of the lush flora and fauna. You can walk through it and see the rainforest from an entirely different perspective.


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