Bowling In Kuala Lumpur

Bowling in KL is an interesting way to spend the weekend with your loved ones and is appreciated by people of all ages. The enthusiasm you get while throwing the ball and anticipating if it will strike all the bowling pins is unmatched. Kuala Lumpur houses a number of bowling centres that are well-maintained and equipped with modern bowling equipment which provide endless hours of fun and entertainment. Most bowling places in Kuala Lumpur are spacious and well-furnished to host functions like birthday parties and corporate events. Some of the bowling centres also have bumper bowling, automated scoring feature, indoor playground and video game machine to attract kids.

They also have other entertainment options like a cafe, arcade, pool table and pro shop. Wangsa Bowl, Sunway Megalanes, Ampang Superbowl and Alam Lanes are some of the popular bowling centres in Kuala Lumpur. If you are a novice player and wish to enhance your bowling skills, you can visit low-priced alleys like the Ole Ole Super Bowl, Gurney Bowl and Supreme Bowl. The Supreme Cosmic Bowl at Mid Valley Megamall is the major highlight as it is Malaysia’s first illuminated bowling centre with a floor, bowling lanes and pins that glow in the dark.

Wangsa Bowl.jpg
Wangsa Bowl

Wangsa Bowl at Wangsa Walk Mall is the most famous bowling alley of all the other bowling places in Kuala Lumpur and has three other outlets in Klang Valley. It has 32 lanes that are well-maintained to offer the best bowling experience to all its visitors. This bowling centre is spacious, well-furnished and also has a badminton arena to host corporate functions, events and birthday parties.

Sunway Megalanes.jpg
Sunway Megalanes

If you are looking for a fully-equipped bowling alley to go bowling in KL over the weekend, visit Sunway Megalanes in Sunway Pyramid Mall. On entering the bowling centre, you can witness a beautiful aquarium and 48 Brunswick lanes endowed with the latest bowling technology. It is mandatory to wear bowling shoes and socks and if you do not have one, you can rent them at the centre.

Ampang Superbowl.jpg
Ampang Superbowl

Malaysia’s largest chain of bowling centres, Ampang Superbowl is a plush bowling alley to enjoy high quality sports and recreational activities. Ampang Superbowl, one of the oldest bowling places in Kuala Lumpur, has expanded to 7 states and has 10 bowling centres in Malaysia. It offers premium facilities like lockers, ATMs, multiple cafes and restaurants and a ProShop to let its guests enjoy an unmatched bowling experience.

Gurney Bowl.jpg
Gurney Bowl

Gurney Bowl is a great location to hang out with friends and a humble bowling alley to play one or two sets of bowling matches. It has 10 lanes equipped with advanced bowling technology and other beneficial facilities for the visitors. In case you are looking for bowling places in Kuala Lumpur to hone your professional bowling skills, then visiting Gurney Bowl is the right place for you.

Alam Lanes.jpg
Alam Lanes

Located on the fourth floor of AEON Mall in Shah Alam, Alam Lanes is an excellent bowling centre in Kuala Lumpur that frequently organises bowling matches. The centre has a rooftop parking lot which is comfortable for players who carry their own equipment. The staff here are friendly while the environment is clean and organised which makes bowling in KL smooth.

Supreme Bowl.jfif
Supreme Bowl

Supreme Bowl at Level 5 of Brem Mall Kepong is a lovely bowling centre in Kuala Lumpur that bestows its visitors with a memorable bowling experience. It is an ideal location to play friendly bowling matches with friends and family as well as to host tournaments. Supreme Bowl centre is a budget-friendly bowling alley that is good for practising bowling.

Ole Ole Super Bowl.jpg
Ole Ole Super Bowl

If you are looking for reasonably priced places to go bowling in KL, visit Ole Ole Super Bowl at Ole Ole Shopping Centre. Though the fee is relatively low, it offers a fine bowling experience and has ample facilities. This bowling centre gets crowded on weekends and so it is better to arrive early.


Bowling in KL is made even more exciting and fun by U-Bowl which is a plush bowling alley in Kuala Lumpur. The centre has 36 ultramodern bowling lanes from AMF Bowling Company and houses advanced automated scoring and bumper bowling features. It provides high-quality entertainment options like arcade, pool tables, coffee shops, a pro shop and Gelatomio Italy ice-cream.

Mid Valley Megamall.jpg
Mid Valley Megamall

Whether you are looking for a competitive match or a casual night out with friends, Supreme Cosmic Bowl is the best of all bowling places in Kuala Lumpur. It is located on the third floor of Mid Valley Megamall and is the first luminous bowling centre in Kuala Lumpur. The centre features neon-lit bowling lanes and has special bowling equipment like pins and balls that glow in the dark.

FAQs For Bowling in Kuala Lumpur

What are the rules for bowling in Kuala Lumpur?

    • Shoes exclusively meant for bowling must be worn all the time during bowling for safety purposes.
    • Socks must be worn with rental shoes for hygiene purposes.
    • Throw the ball from behind the foul line and do not cross the line at any time during the game.
    • The ball should not fall into the gutter and pins that are knocked by the balls that bounce back from the gutter do not get any points.
    • A game of bowling contains 10 frames and two balls per frame are allowed.
    • The ball cannot be altered during the game.

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