Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur

Whether you're looking for a sweet, dopamine-spiking reprieve or want to know about the history of chocolate, the Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur can cater to all your needs. It is Asia's first chocolate museum where chocoholics can learn about different varieties and brands of chocolates. Here you can see everything from super-dark chocolates to sugary white varieties in the form of slabs, bars, truffles, and all kinds of artful creations. The museum comprises two parts, the interactive and the informative, and is divided into different sections like Journey of Chocolates, Chocolate Kitchen, and Chocolate Galleria.

The Journey of Chocolates section traces the history of the origins of chocolate, and the Chocolate Galleria showcases the best imported and in-house chocolates. You can also indulge in various activities like chocolate making, tasting and the art of handmade chocolates. Watch expert chocolatiers creating sweet treats from scratch and sample those creations later on in the tour. At the end of the museum, you'll find a small shop with all kinds of chocolate brands ranging from Toblerone and Lindt to Fidani and Danson. They also have a chocolate printer that can print your face or any other image on the chocolate surface.

Zones At Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur

Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur has various galleries like Journey of Chocolates, Chocolate Kitchen, and Chocolate Galleria that give you an insight into the origins and rich history of chocolate. If you want to learn about the historic and modern-day developments within the field of cocoa and chocolate, you can head to the Journey Of Chocolates zone. Learn about the chocolate-making process at the Chocolates in the Industries zone and get to know about the prominent Swiss chocolate brands at the Father Of Chocolates zone. See sophisticated chocolate-making machinery at Chocolate Kitchen and decode the myths about chocolate in the Health Benefits of Chocolates zone. You can also satiate your sweet cravings at the Chocolate Galleria.

Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur
Journey Of Chocolates

Journey Of Chocolates zone will embark you on a nostalgic journey through the five thousand-year history of chocolate. Learn about the origin of chocolates, their various forms, and how they gained such immense popularity over the years. This zone has various exhibits that showcase cacao as a drink of the gods for the Maya and Aztecs.

Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur
Chocolates In The Industries

Chocolates In The Industries zone gives you a chance to learn about the production of chocolate on a commercial scale. Huge glass-sided machines allow you to follow the chocolate manufacturing process step by step. Trace the production to the packing process in detail through the large windows. You can even request the master chocolatier to produce a chocolate bar before your eyes.

Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur
Father Of Chocolates

Learn about the pioneers of the chocolate world and how their efforts turned chocolate into a luxury treat at Father Of Chocolates zone. You'll also know about the efforts taken by top-notch Swiss chocolate brands like Toblerone, Cailler, and Lindt to maintain their reputation in the chocolate industry.

Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur
Chocolate Kitchen

Chocolate Kitchen has sophisticated chocolate-making machines which give you an insight into how the popular chocolate bars, truffles, or bonbons are produced in the chocolate-making factories. You can also see here a chocolate printer that can be used to make chocolate in any shape or size, and design you can imagine. Special events like demonstrations by renowned chocolatiers are also held in this area of the museum.

Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur
Health Benefits of Chocolates

In the Health Benefits of Chocolates section, you can learn about the positive effects of chocolate on your health and mood. An interactive human anatomy display unravels the most common myths about chocolates. Stay surprised as you get to know that chocolate was even used as a medicine in the Pre Columbian societies and Europe.

Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur
Chocolate Galleria

Take home the best varieties of imported and in-house chocolates by heading to the Chocolate Galleria. It is the largest chocolate manufacturer and importer that houses over a hundred top-notch chocolate brands and four hundred tonnes of chocolate. Whether you're looking for white chocolate, strawberry-coated mallows, or sugar-free bars, Chocolate Galleria will satisfy all your cravings.

Know Before You Go Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur

Essential Information
Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur

- Location: Jalan Teknologi 3/5, Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

- Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

- How to Reach- By Bus: You can board bus numbers T805, T801, and 780 that pass through Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur. Get down at Sunsuria Technology Centre and walk for around five minutes to reach Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur.- By Car: Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur is easily accessible by car from any area of the city. Park your car at the designated parking area and walk for around ten minutes to reach Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur.

- Best Time to visit: Opening hours are the best time to visit Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur as the rush is less, and you can explore the museum and see the various exhibits peacefully. You should avoid visiting the museum on the weekends to have a crowd-free experience.

FAQs For Chocolate Museum Kuala Lumpur

How much time do we need to explore the Chocolate Museum, Kuala Lumpur?

    You’ll need at least two to three hours to explore the Chocolate Museum, Kuala Lumpur as it has various interesting exhibits and digital displays. There are also various activities on offer like chocolate making and tasting and the art of handmade chocolates and you must have ample time on hand to indulge in these activities.

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