Farm In The City, Malaysia

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Farm In The City highlights

  • Explore a Malaysian village-themed zoo and witness over 60 tropical plants, offering a glimpse of rural life and nature.

  • Meet over 100 animals from farm favourites to alpacas, parrots, rabbits, to porcupines, and many more.

  • Watch the world’s tiniest species of horse, the world’s rarest white crow, and several rare species.

  • Pet and feed animals like a giant tortoise, horses, baby crocodiles, and vibrantly-coloured birds.


Farm In The City
Lot 40187-40188, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 1, Pusat Bandar Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia

Farm In The City cancellation_policy

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Farm In The City overview

About Farm In The City, Malaysia:

Farm In The City in Seri Kembangan, combines a petting zoo with a traditional Malaysian village setting. Get up close with over 100 exotic animals. Pet and feed animals like the giant tortoise, baby crocodile, beautiful birds, and alpacas within enclosures that mimic natural habitats. Explore the farm and immerse yourself in the beauty of over 60 tropical plant species.

About the activity:

  • Visit to witness various adorable animals in this petting zoo, roaming freely with no boundaries.
  • Located only 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur, this farm consists of numerous animals that roam freely around the area.
  • Explore the charming replica of a traditional Malaysian village.
  • Meet over 100 fascinating exotic and farm animals, from goats and rabbits to alpacas and even the world's rarest white crow.
  • Discover over 60 captivating tropical plants, fruit trees, and vegetables, adding a touch of natural beauty and offering a glimpse of Malaysia's diverse flora.
  • The petting zoo allows you to buy food and feed animals like baby crocodiles, giant tortoises, and more.
  • See a magnificent aviary consisting of various vibrant and beautiful birds.
  • Take your kid for a pony ride or go fishing at the farm to catch a longkang fish.

Farm In The City faqs

What is Farm In The City?

Farm In The City is an animal and nature park located in Seri Kembangan, Malaysia. It features a variety of animals and birds in naturalistic habitats, as well as interactive activities and educational programs for visitors.

What animals can I see at Farm In The City?

Farm In The City is home to a wide variety of animals, including domestic animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and goats, as well as exotic animals such as lemurs, capybaras, raccoons, meerkats, and more. There are also birds, reptiles, and insects on display.

What are the operating hours of Farm In The City?

Monday to Friday: 10:00am-6:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 09:30am-6:00pm

Tuesday: Closed excluding Public holiday & school holiday

Can we feed animals at Farm In The City?

Yes, visitors can feed certain animals at Farm In The City in Malaysia. There are designated feeding stations located throughout the park where visitors can purchase food for the animals, such as carrots for the rabbits, guinea pigs, and horses, and fish food for the koi pond.

Visitors can also participate in interactive feeding sessions with some of the animals, such as the lorikeets and parakeets. During these sessions, visitors can feed the birds with nectar or seeds while they perch on their arms or shoulders.

What is the price for Farm In The City tickets?

The price for Farm In The City tickets varies, depending on age and nationality. Generally the price of tickets starting from RM 40 aprox.

Is there a dress code for visiting Farm In The City?

There is no specific dress code for visiting Farm In The City, but it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes as the park involves a lot of walking. One is also advised to wear sunscreen and insect repellent, especially during the hot and humid weather.

Is Farm In The City suitable for children?

Yes, Farm In The City is suitable for children of all ages, as there are activities and attractions designed specifically for children. The park also offers educational programs and school tours to promote environmental awareness and animal conservation.

Is Farm In The City accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, Farm In The City is wheelchair accessible and offers designated parking spots and ramps. There are also accessible restrooms and seating areas throughout the park. However, visitors with disabilities may need assistance in certain areas of the park, such as the animal feeding areas, and should inform the staff in advance.

Can I bring a stroller or wheelchair into Farm In The City?

Yes, visitors are allowed to bring strollers and wheelchairs into Farm In The City. However, some areas of the park may be difficult to access with a stroller or wheelchair due to stairs or uneven terrain. You are advised to check with the staff for the best routes and recommendations.

How do I get to Farm In The City?

Farm In The City is located in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, and can be reached by car or public transportation. It is approximately 25km from Kuala Lumpur city center and 20km from Putrajaya. Visitors can take a taxi or ride-sharing service, or use public transportation such as the LRT to Serdang station and take a taxi or bus from there.

Is there parking available at Farm In The City?

Yes, there is free parking available at Farm In The City for visitors. The parking area is located near the entrance of the park and can accommodate cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.

What is the best time to visit Farm In The City?

The best time to visit Farm In The City in Malaysia is during weekdays and non-peak seasons, such as outside of school holidays and major public holidays. This is because the park can get crowded during weekends and peak periods, which may affect the overall experience and waiting times for certain activities.

It is also recommended to visit Farm In The City in the morning or late afternoon, as the weather can be quite hot and humid during midday. Additionally, visitors may want to plan their visit around the feeding and petting sessions, which are scheduled at specific times throughout the day. Checking the official website or contacting the park in advance can help with planning the visit and avoiding any disappointment.

What are the attraction at Farm In The City?

Farm In The City is a unique animal park located in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia. Here are some of the attractions you can see:

  • Pet Village - This is a section of the park where visitors can interact with friendly animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. Visitors can also feed these animals and learn about their behavior and care.
  • Bird Aviary - The bird aviary is home to a variety of colorful and exotic birds from around the world. Visitors can walk through the aviary and observe the birds as they fly and perch on the trees and branches.
  • Reptile Cavern - Here, visitors can see a variety of reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles up close. The reptiles are housed in naturalistic habitats that mimic their native environments.
  • Jungle Walk - The Jungle Walk is a nature trail that winds through lush vegetation and allows visitors to see various animals in their natural habitats, such as monkeys, deer, and peacocks.
  • Safari Park - The Safari Park is an open-air enclosure where visitors can see larger animals such as tigers, lions, and camels. Visitors can also take a guided tour on a tram to learn more about the animals and their habitats.

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