SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak in Kuala Lumpur

SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak Overview

Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak is one of the most unique eco-recreational as well as educational activity parks in Kuala Lumpur. It is perfect for those who wish to spend a day out with their friends and family. The first of its kind in Malaysia, this activity park will take participants from one tree to another using a series of obstacles suspended between 5 metres to 22 metres in the air. Offering you a chance to enjoy jungle trekking like never before, Skytrex Adventure Sungai Congkak lets you explore the canopy of the Malaysian Tropical rainforest. It also enables you to test your balance, strength and agility, as you walk, crawl, glide or even swing through the myriad of different obstacles here.

Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak also ranks as the first flying fox park by Skytrex in Malaysia, and boasts of a wide array of flying fox elements. And as you soak in the scenic views of the surrounding jungles while crossing the obstacles, you can also see Sg Congkak flowing directly under the circuits. Additionally, keeping in line with the eco-tourism that is promoted here, this adventure park also promotes environmental conservation. Visitors are provided with recycling bins for their use and are also encouraged to reduce use of plastic bags, plastic bottles, straws and Styrofoam.

Book SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak Online

When planning a visit to Skytrex Adventure Sungai Congkak, it is always advisable to book your tickets as early as possible. To do so, you can pre-book your tickets online, which will help you to save a lot of time, energy as well as money. Being a rather unique yet popular activity spot for locals and tourists alike, there may be a lot of rush at this park. Therefore, pre-booked tickets can also help you to avoid the rush, while also enabling you to enter and indulge in the different activities much quicker than others.

With your tickets to Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak, you will be able to test your skills and agility on the intermediate river thrill adventure, and the more advanced rapid extreme adventure. The tickets typically include a native English-speaking guide, who will also provide you with all the safety equipment and briefing. Once you are prepared, you can then enjoy flying, swinging and even gliding through the jungle canopy in Selangor’s dense recreational forest for an adventure of a kind. You can also choose from 24 obstacles in River Thrill, including the Step Bridge, Monkey Bar and Flying Fox, or make a pick from 40 different challenges at the Rapid Extreme, which includes the Walking Pipe and the Golden Slide, among others.

SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak Package Options

River Thrill

The River Thrill consists of the intermediate level of activities and packages at the Skytrex Adventure Sungai Congkak. It consists of 24 thrilling tasks, including the Ladder up, Plank Bridge as well as the Flying Fox at the beginner levels. In this package, you get to experience the thrill of flying through the air on a Flying Fox, located several metres above the gushing waters of the river. And as you progress further, you can then get on the Monkey bar, Chicken Exit 2, Huge Pipe and Step Bridge, finally ending the level with Fish Bone, Chicken Exit 4 and the Flying Fox. The minimum height requirement for River Thrill is 110 centimetres, while the maximum weight for this package is 100 kilograms.

Rapid Extreme

Rapid Extreme at the Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak park is the more advanced level of activity package, which offers thrill seekers a bird’s eye view of the entire forest, as they climb the tallest vertical ladder in the region here. This package boasts of 40 exciting adventure quests, ranging from beginner levels to expert levels, including the initiation steps of the Ladder Up, Liana Walk and Flying Fox. Starting from Ladder Up, this level continues with the Flying Fox, Ascending Walking Pipe and Chicken Exit 1, after which you get to go on the Flying Fox again, followed by the descending Walking Pipe, the Chicken Exit 2, the Ascending Walking Pipe and finally the Golden Slide. The minimum height requirement for Rapid Extreme is 110 centimetres, while the maximum weight for this package is 100 kilograms.

Activities in SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak

At Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak, you can take part in a wide range of activities, all of which last for up to 30 minutes each. These are typically tele match games that are conducted for visitors arriving in large groups, thereby making them perfect for friends and family. You can also take part in these activities as an add-on to the exciting and thrilling games you play at SKYTREX. Some of these games include the Meteorite Mission, Gorilla Walk, Gunny Sack Race, Choose the Colour and more. These activities are also perfect if you wish to build up your team skills and spend some much-needed quality time with your near and dear ones.

Meteorite Mission

In the Meteorite Mission, you will be required to transfer a metal ball held on a ring from one station to another. Each one of the participants will be holding a string that is tied to the ring to balance the ball, thereby maintaining proper coordination while also displaying their strategy skill, to ensure that the metal ball does not fall out the ring.

Choose the colour

In this activity, you will be required to display your communication so that you can win the game. Multiple sets of balls with different colours will be scattered on the floor, while each team’s representative will be blindfolded. Then, they will have to follow the voice of their teammates to get to their assigned balls and collect them. The team that can collect the entire set of balls the fastest will win the game.

Gorilla Walk

In this game, every single participant will need to walk with balls tucked in between their legs and armpits, which will make them look like a gorilla. Similar to a relay run, they will have to get from one point to another and then pass the balls to another one of their teammates. The game will continue until each of the members of the team has completed the challenge, while also making sure that they do it faster than the opposing team.

Coconut Bowling

Coconut Bowling is a rather modified version of the actual game of bowling, wherein players use a coconut as the ball, and plastic balls as the bowling pins. Just like the actual game, plastic bottles are arranged in a triangular shape, and the player will then have to knock down all of the bottles by rolling a coconut. Whilst it may sound easy, it is rather challenging, as the coconut, unlike a ball, is not fully round in shape, and requires good technique and proper aims to knock down the pins.

Roll the Ball

In this game, each of the teams will be given a ball, just like in a relay race. The first player of each team will then have to roll the ball to the next player, who will stand at the other end of the line to bring these balls back to the starting point. It is a very simple but fun-filled game, perfect to break the ice between the players and simply have a good time with each other.

Tidal Wave

According to the game rules, each team member is supplied with a particular set number of balloons filled with water. The team will then be required to pass these water balloons over the heads to the person behind them, making sure that they do not drop the balloon until it reaches the last person in the team. In the end, the team with the most number of water balloons will win.

Waiter Race

In the Waiter Race, a tray is given to each participant which is filled with many different objects, from bottles and glasses to other things, which must be held with only one hand. The first person who crosses the last line by holding the tray with one hand and all of its contents completely intact, will be declared the winner.

Magic Chopstick

In this game, players will be given turns to take the marble out from a bowl by just using a chopstick. The game seems quite easy, but players will require a lot of focus and concentration, along with good techniques and the skills to use chopsticks, to be able to get as many marbles from the bowl as they can within the set time limit.

Bottle Fishing

The main aim of this game is to move bottles from one place to another by using specially made fishing rods. Every participant will be given turns to lift the bottles and carry them all the way to the starting points by also balancing them on the rods. The group that manages to bring all of their bottles back the fastest will be declared the winner of the game.

Know Before You Go To SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak

Essential Information:
Visitor's Information


Skytrex Adventure Sungai Congkak is located at:Batu 20, ½, Jalan Sungai Congkak, Kampung Padang, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia

Operational Hours:

Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak is open between 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

Best Time:

The best time to visit Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak is in the month of November, when the surrounding jungles are lush and verdant, and thriving. Furthermore, you must come here during the morning hours, at around 09:00 a.m., so that you can avoid the rains here, and also enjoy the activities in pleasant weather, without much heat.


Some of the facilities that you can find at Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak include Camping Areas, Picnic Areas, Skymatch Games, Facilities For Events And Parties, Team Building Activities, Gender-Specific Restrooms, Parking Facilities, Surau Or Areas For Praying and Catering Services.

Height limitation:

The minimum height requirement is different for the circuits at this adventure park. However, participants must have a minimum height of 110 centimetres to take part in a majority of the games and activities here.

What to Wear:

When visiting Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak, it is best to wear comfortable casual, or sports attire. Additionally, shoes with ankle support, like sneakers, are best recommended for this park. Sandals or slip off shoes are not allowed to wear while participating in the games.

FAQs for Skytrex Adventure Sungai Congkak in Kuala Lumpur

What should we wear for SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak?

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes or sports attire for Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak. While sandals and flip flops are not allowed here, it is best to wear trainers or shoes with ankle support. Additionally, participants are required to tie their hair up if they have long hair, and avoid wearing any dangling jewellery and loose clothing.

Are there height and weight restrictions?

Yes, there are height and weight related restrictions in Skytrex Adventure Sg Congkak. While a lot of the activities and games require participants to have a minimum height of 110 centimetres, the maximum weight restriction for all three levels in the park is set at 100 kilograms.

Do I have to book SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak in advance?

Yes, it is best to book your tickets to this adventure park in advance in order to secure a slot for your activity. You can book your slot online in advance, since you can be at risk of not getting a slot on the day of your activity.

Where can I book SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak Online?

While you can book SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak from their official website, booking your slot through our website will give you the benefit of enjoying various offers and discounts as well.

Is there any weight limitation for SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak?

There is a maximum weight restriction of 100 kilograms for all three levels of activities and games at SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak.

What is the best time to visit SKYTREX Adventure Sungai Congkak?

The best time to visit this adventure park is in the morning, so that you can avoid the rain in the evening. The forest is cooler, and the temperatures are more pleasant in the morning hours, which makes it more comfortable to enjoy the different adventure games.

What happens if it rains?

If it starts to rain during an activity, the instructor for the same will determine if the activity can be continued or not. Typically, they will evacuate all the participants in case of adverse weather conditions. Additionally, in such cases, if the activity cannot be resumed, participants will be issued with a rescheduling voucher that they can use again.


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