Zoo Negara Tickets

Zoo Negara Tickets

If you love exploring zoos and learning about wildlife then, welcome yourself at Zoo Negara. It is a massively large zoo spread on an area over 110 acres with more than 5137 specimens from 476 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, etc. In this unique zoo, the natural habitat of various animals living has been created to make their stay comfortable. Here, animals live in an open area instead of a caged enclosure under the careful watch of Zoo Officers who take care of their comfort. The animals are put under utmost care, no meddling with the animals is tolerated, even the feeding shows are allowed only when permitted by these officers. It’s very rare that a zoo with such a careful attitude towards animals is established to help visitors inculcate the attitude of co-existence.

As you book your Zoo Negara tickets and enter the premises of the zoo, the amazing world of the wildlife would welcome you. Here the colourful butterflies, amazing apes, fierce tigers and lions who would let you marvel over amazing characteristics are exhibited. The zoo would engulf visitors in different kinds of exposures in the Australian Plain and the Mammal kingdom, where they would feel both scary and appreciate the beauty of the animals. If you get tired of walking down the massive area of the zoo, then you can relax at the zoo huts or maybe take a trum. End the journey at the zoo with a delicious meal or shopping of souvenirs at the various shops inside the complex.

Book Zoo Negara Tickets Online

Confirm your visit to the zoo quite easily by availing your Zoo Negara tickets online. According to the guidelines of the zoo, payment for the tickets is required to be done 7 days prior to the programme date. In such a scenario, it’s highly advisable to get your booking done in advance through an online medium. The various discounts available during online payments would reduce the Zoo Negara ticket price and make the tour affordable. The confirmation of Zoo Negara tickets is ensured via mail within a few working hours after successfully making the payment. It's advisable to check out the combo packages available for large groups if you're travelling with your family or few friends. Keep in notice that refunds aren't reimbursed by the zoo management, so cancel your visit to the park very carefully.

Zoo Negara tickets would involve admission into the massive zoo where one can enjoy the view of animals in their natural habitats. Different combo packages would allow an entry into the destinations like Giant Panda Conservation Centre. The participants with physical disabilities and valid PWD/OKU cards along with infants aged 0-2 years are allowed to enter the premises for free. Children between 3-12 years would be according to the child prices, while rest would be charged the same.

Exhibits at Zoo Negara

Grab the opportunity at Zoo Neagra to have a close and watchful encounter with the trained lions, macaws during the catwalk. At the Giant Panda Conservation Centre meet the adorable Xing Xing and Liang Liang, and move forward towards the savannah land to “say hello” to the long neck mammals. Don’t let the snakes scare you at the reptile kingdom as you seem dangerous pythons coiling over the tree branches. At the butterfly garden, children’s world and the bird aviary, watch little kids getting excited over being introduced to some cute and beautiful animals and birds. As you move deeper into the zoo, let yourself be entertained by the kangaroos living in the Australian plain, bears in the bear complex and chimpanzees at the Ape centre.

Giant Panda Conservation Centre

One of the most popular centres in the zoo puts the most adorable animals, pandas, on display. The beautiful pair of Xing Xing and Liang Liang pandas were exchanged between China and Malaysia as part of their diplomatic relationship. The two giant pandas are supposed to stay at the zoo till 2024 before being returned to China. Book your Zoo Negara tickets before you miss the opportunity of seeing them laze around and munch on bamboo shoots in a well-maintained enclosure.

Butterfly Garden

Don’t the colourful wings of these invertebrates fascinate you? Visit this amazing butterfly garden at the zoo where different edutainment programmes for kids ( 3-6 years old) have been arranged. They are introduced to the role played by these invertebrates in the survival of vertebrates like humans. Not only are they educated more about the spellbinding little insects but also help them become environment friendly. Kids observe the life cycle of butterflies and minibeasts to make learning interesting.

Hornbill Centre

The long and sharp peak birds are the most transfixing attractions of the zoo. Out of the 10 species of hornbills found in Malaysia, Zoo Negara houses around 7 species of these adorable creatures. Hornbills have different and unique nesting behaviour as they pair for the whole of their life. The female hornbills would shut themselves in a tree hollow, cover it with a mud, regurgitate food and faeces. They leave a small opening in their nest covered with mud to receive food from their male partners.

Ape Centre

Walk into the deepest section of the zoo where the ape centre houses a group of chimpanzees from Africa and two species of Orangutans, Bornean orangutans and Sumatran orangutans. Nearly 98.8% of a Chimpanzee’s DNA matches with that of humans, so in this Ape centre, you will find them doing basic human gestures like kissing, shaking hands and some time, even bickering among each other. While walking down the lush green centre spot these mammals roaming around freely, keep your cameras ready as they are always ready to pose.

Malaysian Elephants

Catch the three gentle giants staying in the zoo feeding on sugarcane or banana. They are the superstars of the zoo, although retired long ago from the elephant show are still at the centre of attraction showered on the zoo. Your Zoo Negara tickets would let you enter into the zone of Malaysian Elephants and make friends with them. Out of the 3 Malaysian elephants living in the zoo 2 are females (named as Siti and Sibol) and 1 male (Teriang), which had come from Pahang. One can easily notice the creases or wrinkles on the skins of these pachyderm, implying their old age, so stay careful with them and don't hurt them in any way.

Bird Aviary

Who wouldn’t be enthralled at the sight of colourful birds soaring high in the dense canopies? Find more than 300 captivating birds like painted storks, elegant swans, pelicans, ibises, and more roaming overhead. The aviary has a large number of birds, some of which are endangered species. At the Tunku Abdul Rahman Lake nearby the bird aviary, find these feathered creatures feeding on insects, grains and drinking water. Don't miss out the fun frolics of these chirping feathery creatures and book your Zoo Negara tickets to enjoy an evening with them at the lake.

Australian Plain

While moving out of the Bird Aviary, meet the absolute cute wallabies craving for your attention. Find one of Australia’s famous icons, the kangaroos while looking out for a flock of emus hovering overhead, which are Australia’s largest birds. Out of all extant marsupials, some are endemic to Australia, a few like Pademelons are housed in the Australian Plain as an exclusive attraction. Don’t forget to book your Zoo Negara tickets to learn more about the habitats of these almost extant animals.

Humboldt Penguin

The zoo has an icy surprise for its visitors as it houses Humboldt Penguins coming all the way from the chilly Czech Republic zoo. Though situated in a tropical country, Zoo Negara has still arranged an artificial ice zone to accommodate the flightless birds. The Humboldt Penguins have been named after the Humboldt Current discovered by Alexander Von Humboldt in the 18th century while traversing through the coast of South America. All the 8 Humboldt Penguins making their stay at the zoo were brought to their new tropical habitat as a part of the captive breeding programme initiated in 2010. Watch for these flightless birds of sky flapping underwater to catch their food at around 11:00 AM daily.

Children's World

A perfect place to let your little ones wander around while building a strong connection with nature and gentle animals such as deer, goats, rabbits, tortoises, and miniature horses. Let them indulge in some amazing activities like comparing the size of an elephant's foot and tooth or find out the colour of the emu’s egg. Don’t miss out on the latest addition of a cave where visitors both adults and kids are introduced to the world of primitives by exhibiting artefacts.

Bear Complex

Walk through the complex where you see almost 3 species of bears out of a total of 8 found in the world trotting around. Save a day from your schedule and book Zoo Negara Tickets to reach out to these cute yet dreadful animals. They are indeed very dangerous to befriend with but not so under the careful watch of the Zoo Officers guiding your interaction with the animals at the zoo. Bring your packed lunch to enjoy a picnic with Brown Bear, Asiatic Black Bear, and Malayan Sun Bear who can be seen enjoying their abode at the park. Click a bunch of good pictures from a distance without disturbing them if you happen to see them dozing off under the bright sun.

Savannah Walk

Witness the grasslands like that of savannah, housing some amazing animals like sable antelopes, scimitar horned oryx, giraffes, ostriches, zebras, white rhinoceroses, etc. The Savannah Walk is the largest open-concept exhibit in the zoo, which makes it special and different. The exhibit at Zoo Negarais unique compared to other zoos as different animals of African habitat are living together in an open space instead of being caged in iron bars. Therefore, you can interact with the giraffes and other animals very freely on the instructions of the officers. It makes the Savannah walk even more wholesome, earning the zone the fame of being one of the most popular areas at the zoo.

Cat Walk

Let’s meet some of the most ferocious orange striped animals which really tests your courage and bravery and belongs to the large family of wild cats. Whenever you trace the large tiger face mural painted on the pathways, follow it to enter the zone of cat walk. As you enter for a cat walk, utilising your Zoo Negara tickets, you will witness the beauty of the large and dangerous African Lions from an up close distance. In the Big Cats’ territories spot these real-life Lion King, African Lions resting on the platform in their open exhibit located in their natural habitat. The Malayan tiger cubs are the latest ones to join the African Lions in the Big Cat's territory, they can be spotted playing during the early morning or late afternoon.

Mammal Kingdom

Experience the beauty of nocturnal animals like leopard cats, slow loris, Malay civet, pumas, leopards, raccoons, striped hyenas and binturong. It’s advisable to visit the park in the evening when outside is getting slightly darker when you have chances of encountering these animals. But, be aware of the dark corners covered by long branches where you might accidentally get your hands on the world’s largest rodent called capybara. Get a sight of the sleeping serene porcupines in their exhibit.

Reptile House

Marvel over these creepy reptiles crawling over the floor of the house or over the branches of the trees in glassy skin scale. Here, the largest crocodile in the world - The Saltwater or Estuarine crocodiles would welcome you while lazily lying in its large pool. Encounter a number of beautiful animals like tortoises, terrapins and lizards and say “hello” from a distance to the world’s second largest tortoise -the Aldabra Tortoise. Get amazed with the sight of the green anaconda, the heaviest snake in the world resting over some branch coiling over it.

Other exhibits

The exploration journey at the zoo isn't here, there are many other animals to learn about and see them enjoying in their natural habitat. The zones of Hippopotamus, Lake Birds, Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium will let you interact with various animals and birds. Watch out for the family of Nike hippopotamus enjoying a vacation at the zoo. At the Tunku Abdul Rahman lake more than 300 free-roaming birds come over for their meal between 11.00 am and 3.00pm. Later on, welcome yourself at Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium which is one of the oldest public aquariums in the country. The place won’t disappoint you as you visit the country's first ever exhibition put up at the zoo that displays the journey of the Malaysian river highlighting the evolution of aquatic flora and fauna.

Know Before You Book Zoo Negra Tickets

Essential Information
Food and Souvenir

-How to reach- By Light Rail Transit System (LRT):- Board a train at Wangsa Maju Station, Kelana Jaya Line, then get in a taxi to Zoo Negara.- By Bus:- Some direct bus route numbers like 253 from Putra LRT Station, Wangsamaju, KL and 220 from Lebuh Ampang, KL would take you directly over to the zoo.

-Opening Hours: 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM. The zoo is open from saturday to thursday, school holidays and public holidays.

-Animal feeding sessions: To make the bond between the visitors and animals better feeding sessions on Weekends & Public Holidays are arranged between 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm at Children's World and 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm at Javan Deer.

-Multi-Animal Show (Sea Lion/Macaws): The shows are arranged on the functional days of the zoo i.e., Saturday - Thursday between 11.00 am & 3.00 pm.

-The Wild Restaurant: Enjoy a wholesome meal with your family at an affordable price. It caters a range of variety from fast food to traditional meals to chicken meals.

-Mane Delicious: Who wouldn’t love sweet and traditional desserts to reduce your tiredness. Visit the bakery shop to enjoy some cooling and delicious delicacies, in which "Ais Kacang" or "Cendol" are the most famous ones here.

-Panda Cafe: Enjoy traditional Malaysian food at the cafe along with some delicious drinks like nasi lemak, curry mee, fried mee hoon and others. All the dishes would guaranteedly satisfy your thirsty and hungry stomach.

-Zoovenir Shop: Visit the shop at the Giant Panda Conservation Centre to collect some exclusive Giant Panda merchandise for yourself and your loved ones.

-Kancil Souvenir Shop & Kyoto Enterprise: Drop at the shop to add some unique souvenirs in your collection or to give someone, take home an amazing memory of the zoo.

  • An air-conditioned prayer room has been arranged with ample space near the main entrance of the zoo. People of different faiths visiting the zoo can stop by the room to deliver their prayers.
  • Tired of wandering around the park, stop at the zoo huts built across the zoo to take a break to relax. Some of the zoo huts are even air-conditioned, try locating them while on your journey.
  • Enjoy free public wifi near the main entrance, show amphitheatre and Giant Panda Conservation Centre and stay connected.
  • Wheelchair facility is available on the first come first serve basis at the Information Counter at a rental fee of RM5.00 and refundable deposit of RM50.00 .
  • A baby stroller service is also available at a rental fee of RM20.00 and refundable deposit of RM50.00.

Tips to Visit Zoo Negara

  • Make sure you dress well as the park is huge and mostly unshaded to keep the habitats as natural as possible.

  • Keep yourself hydrated and apply sunscreen at a regular interval to protect yourself from the heat.

  • Stop by at the zoo huts to relax yourself and unpack some of your heavy stuff at the locker room.

  • Wear something super comfy in the feets as you would need to stroll through the park a lot. Hop on trams when you’re tired of walking.

  • It’s advisable to book your Zoo Negara tickets online in advance where combo packages for families are available as it would help you save some extra pennies.

FAQs For Zoo Negara Tickets

How to reach Zoo Negara?

  • By Light Rail Transit System (LRT):- Board a train at at Wangsa Maju Station, Kelana Jaya Line, then get in a taxi to Zoo Negara

  • By Bus- Some direct bus route numbers like 253 from Putra LRT Station, Wangsamaju, KL and 220 from Lebuh Ampang, KL would take you directly over to the zoo.

What is special about Zoo Negara?

The zoo houses a variety of animals and their species from across the globe all at a single place. The landscape of the zoo is a special striking feature as the animals instead of being caged are staying in a habitat resembling the natural ones. Some of the animals at exhibition here are endangered ones. Therefore, the large variety of animals and the natural looking habitat makes the zoo a special place. The kind of interaction it allows with the animals make the zoo a very tempting place and hard to ignore.

How many species are there in Zoo Negara?

The zoo has a total of over 5137 specimens from 476 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes living over an area of 110 acres of land.

What are the rules and regulations in Zoo Negara?

  • Every visitor has to provide a copy of their identity card along with the application. Students must carry their student ID card.
  • To confirm your Zoo Negara tickets, pay your registration fee almost 7 days prior to the programme date. Keep in mind that refunds will not be entertained.
  • Participants are required to inform the Education department at least two days before the arrival of the registered date to either confirm their visit or cancel it.
  • Participants must keep wearing the ticket sticker throughout their stay at the zoo.
  • Don’t click pictures or record videos of the captive animals, indoor cage or animals’ night quarters.
  • Touching an animal or feeding an animal is to be done only with the permission of the Zoology Officers or Supervisors.
  • Participants are responsible for their own belongings, health and safety.
  • The management of the zoo reserves a right to change rules and regulations as per their discretion for the safety of visitors and the animals without any prior notice.

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