Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating

Get ready for icy cool fun and adventure on ice by visiting Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating, a renowned recreational destination in Malaysia. Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating is a world-class ice sports entertainment center situated within Sunway Pyramid Mall. The ice rink has played host to some of the most prestigious international tournaments like Skate Malaysia, World Ice Hockey 5's, and Skate Asia.

It also boasts a breathtaking view thanks to its strategic location and modern and sleek design, giving shoppers a view of the ring from the mall's five floors. You can learn here the skills of ice skating with the help of a professional and friendly trainer on-site. On the ice skating rink of Sunway Pyramid, you can skate, fall, slip, get up and skate off again in the icy, cool, and chilled environment. This idyllic summer wonderland attracts around fifteen thousand skaters every day.

The place has soothing music playing in the background with well-coordinated lighting to keep the skaters in the right mood. Whether you are an ice skating enthusiast or a beginner, Sunway Pyramid Ice can be your perfect option. So lace up your skates and get ready to have a memorable skating experience at Sunway Pyramid Ice.

Book Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Tickets Online

You should book Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Tickets online to avoid the long queue at the ticket counter. Another advantage of booking Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Tickets online is that you might get a rebate on the ticket prices.

At the Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating, you can cool away and relax from Malaysia's scorching sun. It is accommodative to both professionals and amateurs, with experts offering ice skating classes. Ice skate with other skating enthusiasts and have endless fun interacting with them. If you're new to ice skating, you can rent a penguin figure and start building confidence slowly and gradually at your own pace!

The area's lighting, with the background music and chilly conditions, makes the skating experience sound like a fun outing. Get assisted by a professional on-site trainer who will teach you how to skate on the ice rink at Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating. Ice skating is suitable for both kids and adults at Sunway Pyramid Ice, making it the perfect activity to enjoy with your family. So get ready to spin, twirl, or slide along the ice rink at the Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating.

Know Before You Book Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating

Know Before You Book Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating

-Location: LG3 Sunway Pyramid, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

-Timings: Sunday- Monday: 10:00 AM - 07:30 PMPublic holiday and school break: 09:00 PM - 09:00 PM

-How to Reach:- By shuttle: Free shuttle bus runs every twenty minutes from Sunway Pyramid Hotel, Sunway Lagoon Entrance, Sunway Resort and Spa, Sun-U Residence, Menara Sunway, and Sunway Medical Centre. You can take a bus to Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating from any of these stops.- By train: You can take the KTM Train that runs daily to Setia Jaya Station. Thereafter take a five-minute walk to the BRT and board a train that runs to the Sunway Lagoon Station. You'll then have to walk down the escalator to reach Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating.- By car: You'll have to take a fifteen-minute drive to Sunway Pyramid from Kuala Lumpur. Ample parking space is there at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

-Best Time to visit: Weekday is the best time to visit Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating as the ice rink gets heavily crowded if you visit on a public holiday or public holidays. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your visit on any of the weekdays to have more space to ice skate.

Tips for visiting Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating

  • Don't visit Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating on the weekends and public holidays, as it can become heavily crowded.

  • Bring extra changing pants, gloves, and socks along with you.

  • If you're new to ice skating, rent a penguin figure or stick that you can easily hold on to and start skating without the fear of falling!

  • Check out the Facebook page or official website Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating, for more information about the activities and the experiences you can enjoy here.

  • Book the tickets online to avoid standing in a queue at the ticket counter if the place gets overcrowded.

FAQs for Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating

Can beginners join the Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating?

    Yes, beginners can join the Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating. A professional and friendly trainer is always available on-site to teach you ice skating skills. If you're new to ice skating, you can also rent a penguin figure to have a smooth ice skating experience.

Are there any age limitations for Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating?

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