Petrosains, The Discovery Centre Tickets

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre Tickets

Get indulge in the world of science at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, in a more interactive, innovative and insightful manner. A number of experiential and hands-on scientific activities are arranged to entertain adults and kids alike in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. All the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) enthusiasts would find a solace in the centre, where the fun of science has mingled with fun of experiments and creation.

Enter into the different zones of the discovery centre by booking yourself Petrosains KLCC tickets, in a quick process through online medium. At the zone called Dark Side, walk through the transfixing beauty of the ancient rainforests and beautiful oceans of Malaysia. The journey of discovery would then take visitors to space where they will meet some astronauts, next in line would be the dinosaurs from the Mesozoic Era in Geotime diorama. At SPARKZ zone, immerse yourself in some of the fun activities and later on learn how the process of gas exploration works at the Oil Platform. Moving further, test your speed skills at the zone called Speed.

Turn yourself into the world of chemistry at Molecule Nano World after testing your physics at the Speed zone. At the tech lab, get introduced to robots and at last exit the centre listening to an audio visual presentation capturing the hopes for the future of Malaysia in the car taking you outside the centre.

Book Petrosains Tickets Online

Booking Petrosains KLCC tickets online is an easy, convenient and hassle free process where one can avoid the long standing queues and take a direct entry into the premises. Advance booking through online mediums would also help in getting ticket reservations for the preferred days. The tickets are confirmed via mail within a few working hours. The Petrosains tickets price after availing a discount would make the tour more affordable as well. Do check out the refund and cancellation policies before booking your Petrosains tickets.

At Petrosains, The Discovery Centre one would explore and discover about themselves and new things from a range of activities and shows arranged related to science around us. The activities at Oil Platform would make you learn something new while at SPARKZ rekindle the inner child in you. Test your highest racing speed at the zone called Speed and get introduced to robots in the Tech Lab. The centre would take you through shows of Maker Studio and Play Lab curated for both the young and adult ones.

Attractions at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre offers a range of activities in a range of zones at a very affordable Petrosains ticket price for exploration and learning purposes. The platform of interactive learning and discovery would allow your journey to begin with a dark ride amidst the beauty of captivating picturesque Malaysian rainforests and oceans.

Striding forward, the development of the country is reflected through the various technologies utilised in creating an indoor space like at SPARKZ where fun activities for both adults and kids are arranged. As visitors are taken through the oil platform, they discover the enthralling feeling of watching out the process of gas exploration. To make the experience educational as well the principles of physics are tested at the zone called Speed and that of chemistry at Molecule Nano World.

Dark ride

Discover more through the dark passage about the marvellous beauty of enrapturing ancient rainforests housing a diverse ecosystem, beautiful turquoise and emerald oceans. Carry forward your journey on this dark ride learning more about Malaysia's story towards becoming a developed nation.


Walk through the mysterious space where discovery is a routine phenomenon. Book your Petrosains tickets to reach out the Space centre at the Discovery Centre and programme your own rover to set it off on an imaginary planet. Wander into the gravityless space while trying how it would feel like to be an astronaut in real life or discover the aliens resting on an unknown planet maybe.

Geotime diorama

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get a glimpse of the Mesozoic Era without really travelling back to millions of years? At the geotime diorama the panoramic beauty of the landscapes and the giant creatures called dinosaurs is exhibited. Watch your kids as they might fear the realistic like models of these giant, ferocious and ravening creatures on display.


Let the sparks of childhood excite you once again as you enjoy a number of fun activities here. Play with the wind tube here paper helicopters are given a flight, later on spend time with the Grain Pit and at last shift to the big screens at display screening interactive art. Challenge yourself and your friends to have a soccer match with the robots before sitting down for the fun-filled science show.

Oil Platform

Ever wondered where the oil for vehicles that run every time comes from? Move into the Oil Platform to dig deep into the ways in which raw oil is extracted from the core of the seabed and later converted into the kind of oil we use. Let yourself feel free to discover the process of gas exploration by booking Petrosains tickets literally at the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur.


The fast racing cars have always been fascinating, the idea of sitting and racing such a car would have crossed the minds of many for sure. Make your dream to speed up in a racing car at the Discovery centre and try the style of Lewis Hamiliton. The section also has activities like Mind Ball where you push a small rubber ball towards an opponent using telekinesis. Hurry up! Book your Petrosains tickets to enjoy the experience.

Molecule Nano World

Chemistry might be boring in books but thousand times more interesting is experiencing it in practical. Reach at the top of the spiral stairway to break into the world of molecules and atoms. Get a learning experience of the nano world and see how fun chemistry can be.

Tech Lab

Want to know how alexa or Sophia work? Gather your Petrosains tickets to embark on a journey of understanding robots better by coding programmes for them and feel what it’s like to fly with robots. Imagine a sci-fi set around yourself in the lab and let your creativity run wild as you step into the possibilities of the future.

Exit Ride

Enjoy the exit out of the Petrosians in a cabin like car that would display an audio visual presentation capturing the hopes for the future of Malaysia.

Workshops at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre

Enjoy educational workshops included within your Petrosains KLCC tickets, the two major workshops are Maker Studio and Play Lab. The former workshop allows for an interactive and innovative learning session where the participants are taught coding, how to design a machine prototype, a drone stimulator and much more. The world of science is used by participants to expand their intellectual horizons. For kids, enrol them in the Play Lab where their interest in science rekindled through different interactive experiential activities like thaumatrope, flashlight, paper beehive and spider-man web.

Maker Studio

Don’t ever let your imagination restrict you, turn all what you can imagine in real life at the Maker studio. Enhancing your skills through a series of interactive, innovative and insightful workshops would help you expand your horizons. Towards the end, participants would be able to code a Mars rover, create their own fabric, 3D Modelling and create different types of drones. By booking Petrosains tickets they make science work in extraordinary ways for themselves and start off the journey of becoming a maker.

Play Lab

A special kind of lab for the kids of the age between 4 to 9 years old, where they would embark on the journey of learning science in new experiential ways. They would learn the science of electricity and light by making their own optical toy and the functioning of a switch would be introduced to them. They would learn about the mathematical shape of a hexagon from a beehive, and at last the science behind a spider web would be explored.

Know Before You Book Petrosains Tickets

Essential Information
What's Inside
Facilities & Accessibility

Location- Petronas Twin Tower, Level 4, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Timings- The Discovery Centre is closed on Mondays Tuesday to Friday: 11.00AM - 4.00PM (Last admission: 2.30PM)Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays and school holidays : 9.30AM - 5.30PM (Last admission: 4.00PM)

How to Reach- Petrosians is located on Level 4 of the Suria KLCC shopping mall, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) - By Taxi/ or private vehicle- Drive straight up to the mall from the city centre. Parking is available at Avenue KLCC shopping mall or Pavillion shopping mall.- By Train- Take the LRT straight to KLCC LRT station (KJ10). The Suria KLCC shopping mall is just a 3 minute walk distance from here.

Best Time to visit- The off-peak days of weekdays would be the most suitable days when the crowds are less. It would give the visitors a chance to explore the centre better. Each exhibit in this manner can be given more time without standing in long queues. Also, try to go there early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

Gift Shop- Not only visitors can enjoy at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre in a wholesome fashion, they can also enjoy shopping at the XPLORASI gift shop where along with fun and scientific games, educational games, toys, books and other special gifts are available too. The MYDUINO Motive Board Robotic kit would be the best gift for your kid interested in exploring the world of robots and artificial intelligence.

Molecule Café- When exploration leaves you all hungry, try the perfect savouries at Molecule cafe. It’s filled with a range of pastries, ice creams, chocolates and a ton of beverages. If a good hunger is troubling you try out dishes from the menu of local food with a range of options available.

  • A Parent Resting Area is available where parents carrying a toddler or a little kid with them can take some rest before re-starting their journey. Such seating and resting areas are available throughout the centre.
  • To make Petrosains an accessible and inclusive space the needs of mobility impairment visitors are provided. It includes special needs toilets which are fully wheelchair accessible as well.
  • An additional assistance at the centre is available for all those visitors with special needs assistance.
  • The facility of medical services is available as well for emergency cases, all trained employees are on hand at all times.
  • The whole building is reachable by an elevator or an escalator. Take the central one large lift and drop by at Level 4, just in the front find Petrosians, The Discovery Centre.
  • A good parking facility is available for all those travelling by car to the Suria KLCC Mall. It’s available on the first-come-first-serve basis at normal charges.

Tips to Visit Petrosains, The Discovery Centre

  • The discovery centre always has something new to offer as it organises travelling exhibits and special themes events from time-to time. Keep looking out for these additional details on their official website while booking your Petrosains KLCC tickets.

  • If you want to explore and have more time to spend in every zone of the discovery centre then do visit on the weekdays.

  • If you’re planning to explore much more than the discovery centre at an affordable price then consider booking for the combo package ticket if available which can include Aquaria KLCC,the biggest aquarium in the world.

FAQs for Petrosains, The Discovery Centre Tickets

What are the famous shows and activities at Petrosains?

Dark ride- Enjoy an awesome journey through the dark routes of a hall where the ancient rainforests, beautiful oceans and Malaysia’s story towards becoming a developed nation are exhibited.

Space- Explore the wonders and mysteries of space. Enhance your experience at the centre by witnessing what an astronaut must feel like in gravityless space.

Geotime diorama- Walk through the dangerous world of the Jurassic era when the dinosaurs were ruling over the Earth.

SPARKZ- Enjoy a number of fun-filled activities like creating interactive art, making paper helicopters fly, playing a soccer match with the robots, etc.

Oil Platform- Explore how the realistic oil platform must be working by going deeper into the plant where the oil and gas exploration process takes place.

Speed- Ride the famous F1 racing cars and try out some other activities too.

Molecule Nano World- Make the world of chemistry more fun and interesting here.

Tech Lab- Get introduced to the world of robotics, and learn to build some as well as you get trained in big data and coding.

Exit Ride- Take an exit out of the centre while listening to an audio visual presentation capturing the hopes for the future of Malaysia on the way.

Are locker facilities available at Petrosains?

Yes, the Petrosains provide for the facilities of lockers at an affordable price. The lockers are provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. All those who might be carrying extra luggage can avail the facility to store their luggage safely.

What is Petrosains famous for?

Petrosains, the discovery centre is surely one of a kind where the elements of fun and learning science are mixed. It is done in such a way that the whole process becomes more innovative, insightful and iInteractive. The activities are arranged not only for the kids but also for the adults, thus, making it a star attraction for all.

How much time is enough to explore Petrosains?

Visitors visiting the place must have almost 4 to 6 hours to spare at the centre to enjoy it at its core. Petrosains, the discovery centre has a range of activities to offer and shows like Maker Studio and Play Lab are on the list too.


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