Petronas Twin Towers Tickets

Petronas Twin Towers Tickets

The Petronas twin towers in Malaysia are the tallest twin towers in the world which aren’t only an architectural beauty but also symbolically interesting buildings. The design and structure of the buildings have been inspired by Islamic geometric patterns as well as the traditional patterns used by local craftspeople in carvings and on fabric. The towers are more than mere office centres attracting a number of visitors each day.

The towers are connected by a 192 feet long two-storey sky bridge which is also the highest in the world. From the observation deck of the building on the 86th-floor visitors can view the capital city zooming in on every detail through the electronic sightseeing telescopes. If you get some spare time at hand, utilize your Petronas Twin Towers tickets by walking down to one of the largest malls in the world called Suria KLCC. Don’t forget to visit the AquariaKLCC where more than 5000 marine and land species welcome you. Take your children to Petrosains, The Discovery Centre and the KLCC Park, before settling down at a peaceful spot to enjoy the iconic sight of the skyline of the city.

Book Petronas Twin Towers Tickets Online

Book your Petronas Twin Towers tickets online to enjoy a convenient, hassle-free and easy booking process. Advance booking of the KLCC Twin Tower ticket will allow you to choose a preferred time slot on the day of your convenience. The online process of booking would allow different choices for payments and quick confirmation of tickets via mail. Don’t cancel your KLCC Twin Tower ticket as the refund isn’t reimbursed by the authorities of the twin tower.

The twin towers are hard to miss when you’re in Kuala Lumpur, as they stand the tallest in the city. The twin towers hold the record of being the tallest in the world with a height of 451.9 meters. The 88-storey buildings have an intersectional crossing through the sky bridge which connects the towers together on the 41st and 42nd floors. While enjoying the eagle view from the observation deck at the 86th floor don’t miss out on the aesthetics of the interiors of the buildings. The buildings are beautifully decorated with traditional designs and motifs used in carvings and on fabrics.

Petronas Twin Towers tickets

Set out for a tour in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, but haven’t included Petronas Twin Towers in your itinerary? Then get yourself Petronas Twin Towers tickets to marvel over the largest twin towers of the world, as majestic as they look from the outside, inside they are far greater in views and architecture. Enjoy the marvelous view of the capital of Malaysia from the 86th floor, where an observation deck has been set especially for visiting purposes. Down the towers is the Central Market where the fun of shopping is the most exquisite experience.

Petronas Twin Tower + Batu Caves

Get the combo pack of towers and the cave as you embark on the journey of exposure to the majestic towers and heartwarming landscapes. Petronas Twin Towers tickets would make the largest twin towers of the world accessible to you, walk over the world’s highest two-story bridge connecting the towers on 42nd Floor. At the Bantu Caves the Perdana Botanical Garden and KL Bird Park will let you set on a nature walk where under the tropical environment, a variety of bird species would pass you overhead. At the Bantu caves, experience serenity as you pass through the architecture of the National Monument, National Mosque, and Old Railway Station.

Petronas Towers + Kl Tower Tickets

Avail the opportunity of visiting the most iconic skyscrapers of Malaysia which are the Petronas Twin Tower and the KL Tower. The combo package including Petronas Twin Towers tickets and KLCC Twin Tower tickets would save you the incurring cost and add a zealous experience of the towers. Those interested in understanding the architecture of such large skyscrapers would get a chance to know the functioning and organization of the towers better. Tickets would allow entry into the observation deck of the towers where from the height of 300 meters up in the air take an eagle-eye view of the city.

Attractions at Petronas Twin Towers

Not only is the architecture of the towers fascinating which attracts visitors but also other attractions are worthwhile to enjoy. Walk 558 ft above the air on the sky bridge connecting the twin towers before settling at the observation deck on the 86th floor to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy the shopping paradise- Suria KLCC showing off more than 300 shop outlets in a 6-floor building. Visiting the AquariaKLCC and Petrosains, The Discovery Centre would serve as the perfect spot to enjoy a day with friends, family, and kids. Find yourself a peaceful spot at the KLCC park to enjoy an iconic sight of the skyline towards the evening before calling it a day off.

Sky Bridge

The most attractive part of the architecture of the twin skyscrapers is the sky bridge. Walk through the world’s highest two-story sky bridge connecting the largest twin towers of the world on the 41 and 42 floors. The glass bridge would make the visitors feel as if they are walking 558 ft above the air. The sky bridge weighs 750 tons and works as an intersection allowing people in the two buildings to intercross conveniently or maybe spend the coffee break 170 meters above the ground. Petronas Twin Towers tickets would allow an entry over the sky bridge as part of the inclusions allowing an exciting experience as well.

Observation Deck

Ever wondered how it would feel to view a whole city from the height of 370 meters? Well, get the experience at the Twin Towers where on admission with a KLCC Twin Tower ticket visitors would be elevated straight to the 86th floor. It’s the highest functioning floor in the skyscrapers with an observation deck. The deck is installed with a Sightseeing Telescope to view the different segments of the city. The electronic telescopes have high efficiency and clarity; they won’t distort the image when zoomed in over an area. Spend an evening on the deck to see the red crimsons of the setting sun reflecting over the glass of the various buildings to produce a magnificent sight.

Iconic Sights

Let the beauty of the skyline of the Petronas Twin Towers and other skyscrapers set deep in your heart as you sit beneath these soaring towers. The beauty of the 452 meters high majestic towers multi-folds under the lights highlighting the architectural features of the towers. Built with Islamic geometric patterns, the two interlocking squares form a shape of eight-pointed stars, representing the values of unity, harmony, stability, and rationality. The 170-meter sky bridge connecting the highest twin towers of the world symbolises a gateway to development. Get your Petronas Twin Towers tickets between Tuesday to Sunday and enter the premises before 5.30 pm to enjoy the iconic sight of the skyline.

Suria KLCC

Enter the iconic shopping mall at the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur. It has also been called the “Shopping Paradise'' built over a massive area of over one million square feet with more than 300 shopping outlets spread over six floors of the mall. Suria KLCC offers a range of international and national brands in store for consumers to choose from. All sorts of products starting from jewellery, beauty boutiques, salons, and tech gadgets to essential services like banks, and charging points can be found in the mall. The local art and crafts corner is an absolute highlight, enjoy the exquisite beauty of the products here or maybe buy yourself some souvenirs.


Listening about the wonders of nature and the marine world at aquariaKLCC would surely tempt you to book your KLCC Twin Tower ticket. The site has been home to over 5,000 aquatic and land-bound creatures over a sprawling 60,000-square-foot space. Walk in the 90-meter transparent tunnel walkway at the Living Ocean and see Tawny nurse shark, green sea turtles, honeycomb stingrays, and others floating on both sides as well as the overhead of the tunnel. Get the opportunity of having a close interaction with the brown-banded bamboo sharks, chocolate chip sea stars, and horseshoe crabs at the Touch Pool.


After enjoying the eagle eye view at the Petronas Twin Towers and still have some time, come over to the KLCC Park situated at the center of the KLCC Precinct. Utilize your KLCC Twin Tower Ticket better by breathing calmness at this 50-acre park against the hectic urban life. An ideal spot to relax and exercise, it’s where more than 70 tree species native to Malaysia have been planted. Spot some of the migratory birds on the fruit tree and enjoy the treasure of this botanical treasure. Visit the park in the late afternoon and stay till evening to enjoy water shows at Lake Symphony Fountains. Children can land into the 2- acre playground and enjoy a splash at the children’s pool.

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre

Get indulge in the world of science at Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, but in a more interactive, innovative, and insightful manner. Discover, learn and enjoy the 11 interactive exhibitions putting everything from space-age exhibits to fossils on display. The journey of learning and discovery at the center would begin with a dark ride amidst the beauty of the captivating picturesque Malaysian rainforests and oceans. Visitors would be taken through the oil platform, where they discover the enthralling feeling of watching out the process of gas exploration.

Know Before You book Petronas Twin Towers Tickets

Essential Information
What's Special
Facilities & Accessibility

Location- The Petronas Twin Towers are located in the KLCC Precinct with many other attractions located nearby. The address of the towers is Concourse Level, Petronas Twin Tower, Lower Ground, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Timings- All those who are booking their Petronas Twin Towers Tickets, would be allowed to select a time slot between 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM, throughout the week except on Monday.

How to Reach- - By Car- Travel through Jalan Ampang, Jalan P. Ramlee and Jalan Kia Peng road. One can also take the tunnels at Jalan P. Ramlee, Jalan Tun Razak and the Ampang – Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (AKLEH) which would take the drivers straight to the parking bays at KLCC.- By Train- One can choose any of the routes of the metro that connects various city parts. Take Seremban Line & Port Klang Line, ride to KL Sentral later on, switch to LRT Kelana Jaya Line and stop at KLCC Station.- By Bus- Take a direct bus to Suria KLCC or ride a bus to the nearest train station to KLCC. RapidKL City Buses like B103 and B114 would take you to the KLCC LRT Station and Suria KLCC respectively.

Best Time to visit Petronas Twin Towers- The best time to visit the towers would be in the morning or in the evening. It’s when the beauty of the city under the red crimsons of either growing sun or a setting sun hits differently. Morning slots are still preferable when the observation deck would be less crowded.

History- The planning over the building of the Petronas Twin Towers started off in January 1992 under the leadership of the distinguished architect Cesar Pelli along with others. The construction began at its full in April 1994 after passing multiple rigorous tests like the simulations of wind and structural loads on the design. The towers encased in glass and steel were finally completed in 1996.

Design- The interiors of the buildings, decorated with the designs and patterns of geometric lines in the entrance hall are inspired by Malaysia’s traditional handicrafts and ‘sobgket’ or weaving. The complimentary use of glass and steel to finish the decors of the building’s beautiful Islamic patterns makes it look more charming than ever. The floors of each tower have been given the design of Islamic geometric forms of two interlocking squares. The interlocking squares of a floor give the ceiling a shape of an eight-pointed star. These forms reflect the important Islamic principles like unity, harmony, stability, and rationality.

Structure- Pelli had taken inspiration such that both the towers are designed structurally “intelligent”. The building has a system that seamlessly coordinates, environment control and power supply and telecommunications. The well-equipped structure of the building also has inbuilt lighting, fire and smoke control, and building security. The building has 8 storeys with 5 underground levels utilized for the purposes of car parking and mechanical services. The 452 meters high towers weigh 600K tonnes and have been constructed over an area of 395,000m².

  • The towers are built in an attempt to provide visitors a fully accessible experience, therefore all the needy ones are provided with wheelchairs for use in the center. These are provided on a first-served basis.
  • Wheelchair-accessible lavatory is available on each floor to accommodate visitors with additional needs.
  • The facility of special needs assistance is available as well. Notify the required authorities while booking your KLCC Twin Tower ticket to receive assistance during your visit.
  • Special facilities for families travelling with little kids are arranged on the premises.
  • Drop off your extra luggage in the area available behind the Check-In-Counter.

Tips to Visit Petronas Twin Towers

  • As the visitor capacity at the twin towers has been limited to an intake of 1000 visitors per day, it’s advisable to book your Petronas Twin Towers tickets in advance.
  • Heavy photographic equipment like Monopods, tripods and other heavy videography cameras aren’t allowed within the premises of the twin towers.
  • Leave the heavy luggage at the locker room facility available at the entrance of the building until the tour is finished.
  • Reach the spot almost half an hour before the timings of your programme as the activities like scanning of bags and luggage as well as the long queues of visitors would consume extra time. Else you will lose some of your precious time at the towers.
  • Keep in mind that activities like smoking, chewing gum, eating and drinking are prohibited inside the premises of the Petronas Twin Towers.
  • It’s advisable to visit the location using the convenient public transportation system available around the Kuala Lumpur City Center precinct.

FAQs for Petronas Twin Towers Tickets

What are the other things to do at Petronas Twin Towers?

-Sightseeing Telescope: Get to know the city better with the electronic telescope zooming in on every detail of Kuala Lumpur’s cityscape. The Sightseeing Telescopes are installed in the observation deck of the 86th floor of the twin towers.

-Scale Models: Marvel the architectural planning of Kuala Lumpur displayed through 3D models. These models capture a bird’s eye view over a range of scale models on the 86th Floor.

-Interactive Screens: A single trip to the towers with a Petronas Twin Towers tickets won’t take you through the entire beauty of the building. Therefore, take a detailed glimpse over the architecture of the twin towers with these interactive screens which will introduce the building's structure by changing slides by sensing your hand's movements.

-Digital Displays: Before moving on to the 86th floor stop at the 83rd floor to dig deeper into the facts about the Petrosans twin towers and stroll through the journey of its history and development.

-Postcard Service: Isn’t sending postcards an interesting thing? Of course yes, therefore before leaving the amazing twin towers mail the official Petrosans Twin Tower postcards telling about your experience at the place.

-PETRONAS Twin Towers Information Videos: After wandering through the buildings of the towers, still wondering about the history and how this highest twin tower was built. Utilize your KLCC Twin Tower ticket to enhance your knowledge of the towers by watching these educational informational videos.

What is special about the construction of Petronas Twin Towers?

Elevators- The towers have 29 double-decker high-speed passenger lifts in addition to six heavy-duty service lifts and four executive lifts. Around 52 people can be carried by a passenger deck at a time while an executive lift can carry only about ten.

Exterior- The exterior of the buildings is all encased in glass and steel and to maintain the vertical axis each tower has been set back five times in its ascent. The glass of the buildings is vision glass with specialized panels installed with light filtering and noise reduction properties.

Interior- The entrance halls, and foyer are designed with geometric patterns reflecting Malaysia’s traditional handicrafts and ‘snogket’ or weaving designs. The hardwood carvings designed over the several wall panels and screens have been inspired by the traditional designs used by natives of the East Coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. The floors are decorated with intricate motifs of ‘pandan’ weavings and palm wall mattings.

Pinnacles- The tops of the buildings have aircraft warning lights as well as external maintenance building equipment. The spires at the pinnacles have 23 segments with a ring ball at the top.

Which are the best Exclusive Stays & Spas near Petronas Twin Towers?

  • The Spa- The spa at Mandarin Oriental is a renowned signature spa that combines the techniques of local cultural diversity and healing traditions to offer the best experience to the visitors. They offer a variety of massages, treatments, beauty services and wellness programs.

  • Swasana Spa- It’s located within the KLCC hotel where one can select from a range of therapeutic treatments that have the capacity to rejuvenate your body as well as mind. It uses the finest elements of all traditional cultures in Malaysia, some of the Balinese treatments and various massage techniques, body scrubs, head massages, facials, and reflexology.

  • Spa at Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur- They provide an exceptional treatment by offering a range of top-notch massages and other spa itineraries. Enjoy a deep facial cleanse, traditional body treatments and a wide range of body massages like aromatherapy, deep impact, etc.

  • Spa at Suria KLCC- Get yourself a rejuvenating body, beauty, hand and nail treatments at various shops in Suria KLCC. There isn’t any match of the massage given at Thai Odyssey where treatments are inspired by Thai holistic philosophy. Aesthetic treatments at Aster Spring, Dnt Salon, and Glo Laser Centre at Suria KLCC are provided for smoother and firmer skin. Go to the Nail parlour to enjoy amazing nail art and hand massage.

What is Dewan Filharmonik at Petronas Twin Towers?

Dewan Filharmonik is the latest and trendiest attraction added to the list of events at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. It is a deluxe hall with a capacity of 920 seats where concerts of various musical genres like classical, pop, ballet, film soundtracks, jazz, etc are performed. The hall is therefore Malaysia’s pride as well as a cultural icon for music lovers all over the world.


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