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Farm In The City

If you want to meet some animals but are bored of visiting conventional zoos, then Malaysia’s Farm in the City is the perfect destination for you. Located in Seri Kembangan, the Farm is a must-visit for animal lovers in and around Kuala Lumpur. Home to more than 100 animal species from across the world, this unique Farm combines nature and wildlife with its conservation park design. Unlike typical zoos, there are no cages here, and animals and birds can roam about freely in enclosures designed to mimic their natural habitats. More than a viewing exhibition, the Farm encourages interactions between the wild inhabitants and visitors in environments that replicate the original.

The Farm hopes to promote nature conservation as visitors personally interact with the wild residents, including rare and exotic species that are found only in their faraway native lands. Themed around a Malay village, the Farm attempts to educate visitors about the varied aspects of animal and farm life through traditional settings.

Step into the enchanting wild and meet Ostriches, Tortoises, Snakes, free-flying birds, Alpacas, Rabbits, Raccoons and Pelicans. Interact with rare and exotic animals like the Common Marmoset, African Crested Porcupine, Fennec Fox, Timon the Meerkat, Falabella Horse, and White Peacock. Chat with intelligent parrots and feed fishes, ducks, swans, and geese at this one-of-a-kind experience that awaits you in Seri Kembangan.

Book Farm In The City Tickets

Farm in the City ticket prices need to be paid online as the park has no walk-in counter facility. Booking one’s tickets online is the most convenient and hassle-free way to travel and have a memorable experience. Avail fantastic discounts on Farm in the City ticket prices by purchasing them in advance, and ensure you have a trip that makes your pockets happy.

Farm in the City is home to more than a hundred species of animals brought in from all over the world. Renowned as a petting zoo, the local village-themed farm does not keep its animal and bird residents in cages, rather they are left to roam around freely in large, airy enclosures. There is also a traditional Malaysian farm and orchard on the premises, which grows more than a hundred varieties of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables.

Pet and feed the charming animals, like the giant tortoises, crocodiles, raccoons, fishes, ducks, geese, swans, rabbits and guinea pigs. Have interesting and informative conversations with intelligent parrots as they spread the message of nature conservation. Farm in the City tickets promise a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your family that is so much more than a conventional zoo excursion.

Purchase your KL Bird Park tickets online and enjoy easy bookings, great deals, and smooth services as you plan your Kuala Lumpur trip.

Stations At Farm In The City

Farm in the City has more than 100 animals across 18 stations. The stations have been designed per the natural habitat of their animal and bird inhabitants. Farm in the City residents are not kept inside cages and can roam about freely in their special enclosures where they interact with other species. Visitors get a rare opportunity to feed various exotic species from across the world. Listen to parrots talk about nature conservation and learn about the process of artificial egg incubation and more than 100 varieties of tropical fruits and vegetables.

Ostrich Farm

Meet the largest living bird species in the world at the Ostrich Farm with your Farm in the City tickets. The African natives can reach a top speed of 43 mph, making them the world’s fastest running bird species. Their eggs weigh 1.3 kilograms and are the world’s largest eggs. You can also witness the amazing friendship of the Saanen goat, cow, and pony here.

Turtle and Tortoise Farm

Visit rare and exotic giant tortoises and stunning turtles with your Farm in the City ticket. Feed their giant tortoises, which are some of the largest of their kind in the world. Meet some iconic and rare land tortoises like the Leopard Tortoise, Indian Star Tortoise, Radiated Tortoise, and many more. The most awe-inspiring turtle species at the Farm include the Alligator Snapping Turtle, Pig-nosed Turtle, and the Dinosaur Turtle.

Reptiles Cavern

Farm in the City tickets get you access to the Reptiles Cavern, a hub of various reptile species that has been creatively designed as a cave-like enclosure. From the longest pythons to the smallest crocodiles, the Farm in the City animals at the Cavern can both scare and excite you. Be vigilant as you walk through the station, and look in all directions as well as above you, as these reptiles can be waiting for you anywhere.

Free-flight Bird Aviary

Indulge in a uniquely natural experience with your Farm in the City tickets as you walk into the Free-flight Bird Aviary. Designed to mimic the natural habitat of birds, the Aviary does not cage them but lets them fly around freely. Birds of different species await to bewitch you with vibrant colours and melodious voices. Bringing along a camera here is a must, as the pictures you can click here are unmatchable.


Enter the land of Savannah with your Farm in the City tickets, where you can interact with some uniquely adorable Farm in the City animals. Savannah has animals from all over the world, like the friendly Swiss goat and the famous South American Alpaca. They also have the largest species of ‘Rusa’, the Javan deer, and also the smallest kangaroo species, which is the Dusky Wallaby.

Vegetables and Fruits Farm

The Vegetables and Fruits Farm in the City boast more than 100 varieties of tropical fruit trees and plants. Witness a classic Malaysian village farm and orchard with your Farm in the City tickets, as well as a specially constructed traditional well. A major highlight of the Vegetables and Fruits Farm is the Passion Fruit Garden, where nature’s ‘umbrella’ is cultivated with utmost care and love.

Pet Village

Farm in the City tickets take you to a land where pets live in a special village, the Pet Village. Meet bewitching little rabbits and guinea pigs eat this not-to-be-missed station, where visitors are encouraged to pet the animals and interact with them. Show some love to the charming little Farm in the City animals and feed them fresh fruits and vegetables taken right from the local farm. Click pictures with the tiny pets as they nibble their food and run amok in their village.

Longkang Fishing

Experience a traditional Malaysian childhood pastime with Farm in the City tickets as you go fishing at Longkang. Malaysian kids sit next to tiny streams with small nets to catch fish swimming away in the shallow waters. Head to Longkang Fishing station to have a family moment as parents and kids chase after the fast-swimming fishes and attempt to catch them as they make memories of a lifetime.

Exhibition Hall

Farm in the City tickets get you access to the Exhibition Hall, where you can gain knowledge about the various Farm in the City animals. The slick Golden Python, the sleep-loving Skunk, the smart Raccoon, the energetic Prairie Dog and others await you as you head here to know more about them. You also get a once-in-a-lifetime chance of witnessing artificial egg incubation at the hall’s Nursery.

Kampung Mahmood

Witness a unique affair with your Farm in the City tickets as you meet the vibrantly gorgeous macaws and their intelligent talkative companions. The birds spectacularly deliver a memorable performance and send across a firm message on the importance of nature conservation. The educational activity is spiced up with a dose of entertainment as the birds leave you awed with their antics.

Desert House

An interesting encounter with some exotic desert inhabitants is on the cards with your Farm in the City tickets. Meet the small yet agile Fennec Fox, which has huge ears and leaps to unimaginable heights to catch prey. Indulge the Lion King fan in you as you meet Timon the Meerkat. As you walk out, the smallest horse species in the world await to enchant you with their charm.

World’s smallest species of horse – Falabella horse

Witness an animal kingdom with your Farm in the City tickets as you meet the Falabella Horse, which is the world’s smallest horse species. These short-height horses are smaller than ponies and are not suitable for riding as they have a weak backbone. They, however, can be trained easily and are brilliant guide animals. Feed the horses fresh leaves and vegetables from the farm as you click memorable pictures with them.

Jungle Walk

Walk through a jungle that’s as good as a real one with your Farm in the City tickets. The unique Jungle Walk has numerous eye-catching Farm in the City animals, like the Crested Porcupine, which is the world’s largest and heaviest African rodent. Meet the tiny Kirk Dik Dik, the bold Common Marmoset and the rare White Peacock. Spot Iguanas and Himalayan Striped Squirrels as they play hide-and-seek with you from the huge trees they reside in.

Fish Feeding at Mood’s Lake

Brighten your mood with this beautiful experience on your Farm in the City tickets. Thousands of Koi fish swim to you as you summon them by ringing a bell. Sprinkle some fish food in the waters and watch as the tiny beings feed on them. And the fishes wouldn’t be your only hosts, the gorgeous Mute Swan, ducks and geese of the Lake would provide you company as well.

Raccoon Feeding

Farm in the City tickets offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience of feeding raccoons in their natural habitat. These small nocturnal animals easily adapt to most environments and are native to North and Central America. They have human-like hands with five fingers, which they use to hold on to their omnivorous food items. Feed and interact with the furry animals as they entertain you with their adorable antics.

Know Before You Go To Farm In The City

Essential information

Location:Farm in the City is located at Lot 40187-40188, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 1, Pusat Bandar Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia. It is just 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur.

Timings:Farm in the City is open from 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays, and the weekend timings are 9:30 AM to 6 PM. The farm is open on public holidays and school holidays but is closed on Tuesdays.

How to reach:- By Car/Taxi – Take the Lebuhraya route from Kuala Lumpur and head towards Jalan Putra Permai to reach Seri Kembangan. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes.- By Bus – Reach KTM Komuter Serdang by bus 590 or SJ04, or by train. Take bus number 540 from KTM Serdang and hop off at Shell station, from where it is a 20-minute walk to reach Farm in the City.

Best time to visit Farm in the CityThe best time to visit Farm in the City is on weekdays. The crowds are lesser and you can explore the farm at leisure. It is recommended that you avoid visiting on public and school holidays as the crowds are at the maximum on such special days.

- Education: Farm in the City aims to expand its horizons beyond being a public farm and a petting zoo. Environmental and wildlife education is consciously promoted through programmes that inform and educate the masses on the habitat, behaviour, and geographical distribution of animals throughout the globe. The programmes have been painstakingly designed for local and overseas student circles.

- Research: Farm in the City systematically gathers and collates information about the diverse flora and fauna of the farm, which will be studied and analysed to improve the quality of life and well-being of animals and plants. This is in accordance with the Farm’s efforts to enhance scientific knowledge and conservation of animal and plant life.

- Conservation: Farm in the City has put in tireless efforts to contribute to conservation efforts being made across the world to protect non-endangered animal species. The Farm selectively breeds numerous non-endangered animal species in captivity and cares for them. The efforts are to ensure that these species do not become endangered in the long run. The animals are not caged but are allowed to roam freely in their natural habitat.

Tips To Visit Farm In The City

  • It is recommended that you visit Farm in the City in the early morning hours. The crowds are lesser and you can avoid the afternoon heat.
  • It is advised that you wear comfortable, light clothes. It gets hot during the daytime and not wearing the right clothes would lessen the fun of the Farm of the City experience.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes as you would have to walk around a lot to explore all the enclosures at the Farm.
  • Exploring Farm in the City fully generally takes half a day. So, it is advised that you plan your visit accordingly to make the most out of your Farm in the City tickets.
  • Do take your cameras along, as the photographic opportunities provided by the animals and birds at the Farm are unmatched.
  • It is advised that you avoid visiting the Farm on public and school holidays as the crowds are the maximum on those days.
  • Do not litter around the park as it may harm the animal and bird residents.
  • Use the litter bins provided to throw garbage.
  • It is advised that you do not feed the animals in the enclosures where no such activity is provided by the Farm. Also, only feed the animals what is provided by the authorities, as it is done as per their dietary requirements.

FAQs for Farm In The City Tickets

What are the things to do at Farm in the City?

  • Meet and interact with more than a hundred species of animals brought in from all over the world.
  • Witness the feathered beauty of hundreds of birds from all over the world as they fly about freely.
  • Feed thousands of Koi fish, ducks, geese, and swans as you summon them by ringing a bell.
  • Explore a traditional Malaysian farm with more than a hundred varieties of fruits and vegetables and a specially constructed Malaysian well.
  • Feed giant tortoises and turtles, raccoons, rabbits, guinea pigs and the Falabella horse as you interact with them.
  • Listen to intelligent macaws and their companions talk about the importance of nature conservation.
  • Experience traditional Malaysian Longkang fishing with your family and witness the process of artificial egg incubation.

Why are Alpaca species so famous?

Alpacas are native to the Andes Mountains of Southern Peru, Western Bolivia, Ecuador, and Northern Chile, and live in herds. These adorable animals communicate through body language, of which the most common is spitting when they are in distress, are scared, or wish to show dominance. Adult alpacas are generally 32-39 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 48 to 84 kilograms. Fibre obtained from the Alpacas is valued throughout the world, and they are bred specifically for it. Some of the items woven from the fibre include ponchos, hats, gloves, socks, scarves, sweaters, coats, and beddings.

Which animals are found on farms in the City?

There are more than a hundred animal species living on farms in the City. Some of the most popular animals are:

  • Ostrich
  • Giant tortoises like the Star Tortoise
  • Turtles like the Dinosaur Turtle
  • Pythons like the Retic Python
  • Alpaca
  • Common Marmoset
  • African Crested Porcupine
  • Red and Green Iguana
  • Kirk Dik Dik
  • Fennec Fox
  • Timon the Meerkat
  • Falabella Horse, the world’s smallest horse species
  • White Peacock
  • Raccoon
  • Black and White Swans
  • Mandarin Ducks
  • Emperor Geese
  • Pelicans

What are the main visitor attractions at Farm in the City?

- Turtle and Tortoise Farm: Interact and feed some giant land tortoises and turtles like the rare Indian Star Tortoise and one of the world’s heaviest freshwater turtles, the Alligator Snapping Turtle.

- Free-flight Bird Aviary: Witness the joyful mood of birds in free flight at this unique aviary where birds are not kept in cages. Feed and pet the birds as you click some memorable pictures with them.

- Vegetables and Fruits Farm: Walk into a traditional Malaysian farm and orchard and breathe in the freshness of more than a hundred kinds of tropical vegetables and fruits.

- Pet Village: A fun experience for both adults and children, feed and cuddle with some adorable little rabbits and guinea pigs.

- Longkang Fishing: This traditional Malaysian childhood pastime is now getting lost, so Farm in the City is attempting to preserve it. Catch fishes with a small net as they swim away in the Longkang and have unlimited fun.

- Kampung Mahmood: Listen as the beautiful macaws and their other intelligent companions talk to you about the importance of nature conservation and entertain you with their antics.

- Mood’s Lake: Feed thousands of Koi fish and numerous species of ducks, geese, swans and even pelicans as you summon them by ringing a bell.


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