Breakout Escape Room

Breakout Escape Room

Get your hands on the Breakout Escape Room Tickets Kuala Lumpur, and indulge in a brain-stimulating journey as you try to solve a wide array of mysteries and clear different themed missions at this indoor park. Boasting of various themed scenarios, thrilling games and activities, it is here, at Breakout Escape Room, where you can develop team building and problem-solving skills with your friends and family. Boasting of different real-life and other themed situations and scenarios, you get 75 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the rooms here.

The Breakout Escape Room Tickets Kuala Lumpur offer you a choice between two locations, namely the Breakout NU Sentral and the Breakout Avenue K, both of which have 20 plus different missions and challenges for you to take on. The former location boasts of games like Perpetual, The Testament of Tesla, Terraform, Materia Medica, The Secret of Hocus, The War of Rembrandt and Dreadnought. On the other hand, you get to choose from missions like Post Mortem, Mr. Oswald’s Greatest Show, Cerebrum, Project Fallout and the Chamber of Hocus at the Avenue K location. Regardless of the location and the type of mission that you choose, you are in for a lot of fun and adventure here, as you bring out the detective inside you.

Book Breakout Escape Room Online

It is always recommended to get your Breakout Escape Room Tickets Kuala Lumpur online. Being amongst the popular indoor parks in Kuala Lumpur, Breakout Escape Room attracts a lot of visitors from far and wide, who tend to spend a lot of time here. It is due to this that the tickets to this attraction are more prone to getting sold out rather quickly. Therefore, when you pre-book your tickets online, you can not only secure your visitation slot, but also ensure a rather quicker and faster entry into the Breakout Escape Room. Furthermore, by doing so, you can also avoid having to wait in the long queues at the entry gates.

With your Breakout Escape Room Tickets Kuala Lumpur, you can not only spend some time solving the mysteries and puzzles at this park, but also build up your team and leadership skills with your near and dear ones within 75 minutes. You also get the choice from over 20 different real life and themed scenarios here, from Perpetual and The Testament of Tesla, to The Chamber of Hocus and Project Fallout, among others. The tickets to Breakout Escape Room not only include entry to the Escape Room experience, but also offer you locker facilities and insurance provided by the operator.

Breakout Avenue K

With your Breakout Escape Room Tickets Kuala Lumpur, you can choose from five different exciting and thrilling situations and games at the Avenue K branch. The Breakout rooms in this location have completely original and new storylines, all of which have different levels of difficulty for visitors. Furthermore, all of the puzzles, games and riddles in the stories in Breakout Avenue K are unique, which are sure to surprise you at every twist and turn.


Amongst the most popular games in Avenue K, The Post Mortem, which is a new addition in the Escape room is a one of a kind thrilling experience. In this game, you are made one of the investigating officers of the Special Crime Unit who is trying to solve the two murders that have been reported in Kansas City Post Office. With lack of clues, and the killings being completely random, it is up to you to solve the puzzles before the killer strikes again, that too, before Christmas eve.


This is an activity which is not for the fainthearted since it has a horror theme that is rather scary, and is sure to send chills down your spine. This great show gives you a chance to find out the mysteries behind Mr Oswald, a famous marionette that was performed by a mysterious puppeteer whose identity is hidden. In this game, you have to solve a bunch of mysteries to find out who the man of mystery behind Mr Oswald.


During this game, you will be separated into two different groups (generally with 2-4 persons) and locked, after which you will have to create the perfect escape plan. The storyline seems vague, especially to you, since you do not know if you are kidnapped, or where you are, or how you will get out. You just have a few memory flashes, with a constant beeping sound, which clouds your brain and gives you the feeling of Déjà vu. However, you need to be quick, as time is ticking by.


Project Fallout is perfectly named after a weapon of mass destruction, which, in the game, is missing alongside a group of scientists who worked on it. In the game, you seem to have lost your memory, and are being interrogated about the weapon and the missing scientists. With no recollection of anything, you will have to solve clues and mysteries to break out from the captivity that you are in, while also finding out who you are and what exactly happened.


In the Chamber of Hocus, you are in search of the most wanted magician, Mr. Hocus, who is also an infamous criminal who uses the art of magic to commit crimes. In the game, he has yet again committed a crime and escaped unscathed as the authorities search for him everywhere. He is known for his crimes using playing cards that bear the message “Hocus Pocus, can you find hocus?” And with him being on the loose, you and your team now have the responsibility to find the mysterious Chamber of Hocus in order to catch this fugitive.

Breakout Nu Sentral

With your Breakout Escape Room Tickets Kuala Lumpur, you can also head over to the Breakout Nu Sentral branch. This is another location which features seven themed escape rooms, all of which have all original and new storylines, with different levels of difficulty for visitors. Furthermore, all of the puzzles, games and riddles in this location remain unrepeated, and unique which together makes the wow factor. Some of the rooms at Nu Sentral also require players to climb up to the mezzanine floor for added thrill and mystery.


Get the chance to discover the truth of the finest auctioneer in the world, as you decide to help the organisation steal the finest artefact away from the prying eyes of the security. The organisation has set their eyes on a priceless artefact, which has attracted the attention of numerous collectors from different parts of the world. And now you will have to solve mysteries and puzzles to steal this valuable artefact from its owner. With a huge reward on the line, you and your team will have to break into the security room of the owner, to later discover the actual truth behind the whole story.


In the Testament of Tesla, you play the role of Nikola Tesla’s descendant, who has been given a will that will help the world to come out of darkness. The world is in chaos due to the excessive use and subsequent depletion of natural resources. The story has its origins in 1883, when Nikola Tesla revealed his prototype for a free energy world, and was forced to stop his research by Hewitt & Co. However, Tesla continued to secretly build a power plant that would be able to generate large amounts of electricity in due time. In the game, you will have to solve the information and thus save humanity.


The story behind Terraform starts after the Moon’s collision with a stray asteroid, which leads to the moon slowly edging towards the earth, and thereby disturbing its gravitational force, while also posing a great danger to life on earth. You will have to join a group of astronauts who will be sent into the orbit of Mars, after a lot of research work. With your group, you will have to analyse, and create suitable chemical equations to help human survival on Mars. However, for the analysis, the entire crew is in a hyper-sleep for three months, and are awakened due to a sudden impact on the space station. You will have to evacuate immediately, while also leaving behind all of your research and risking human extinction.


Materia Medica is a game that involves a mysterious physician named Han, who comes to the small town of Wu Shan and instantly becomes famous for his medicines and healing abilities. You play the role of the physician who was previously the best in the village. Now, you will have to sneak into the house of Han with your assistants, to find out more information about the kind of medicines that he is using. You want to know the secret of his healing abilities which are making him popular. You will have to move fast to find out the ingredients he uses in his medicines before Han returns after running an errand.


The Secret of Hocus is a game that follows the story of the Magician Mr Hocus, who is also a wanted fugitive and criminal. While trying to trail the criminal, you have the Wand of Atropos, which is one of the most powerful wands ever created, along with the Wand of Mythos and Alectos. These are wands that are supposedly under Mr Hocus’ possession. You are then sent to a mission to destroy all his powers and get the other two wands of power. With all the information that you have, you head over to Mr Hocus’ secret theatre to find and defeat him, once and for all.


This story has a history that dates to 127 years ago, when the world survived the ice age, and is now suffering the after effects of this global crisis. In this game, you and your team will be transported to the land of Dreadnought, where there is a relatively smaller human life, living inside a sustained ecosystem. The earth’s lands are hidden under water now, and every 20 years, a few selected candidates, such as you and your team, are transported to this land to live the rest of your life.

Know Before you go to Breakout Escape Room

Essential Information
How to Reach
Tips to Beat Escape Game


  • Breakout Avenue K: L2-16 (Level 2), Avenue K Shopping Mall, 156, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
  • Breakout Nu Sentral: L4-09A (Level 4), NU Sentral Shopping Centre, 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470, Kuala Lumpur

Best Time:

The best time to visit the Breakout Escape Room is during the early hours of the morning, as soon as the indoor park opens doors to visitors, around 10:00 a.m. This is when the crowds here are relatively low, which will give you ample time and freedom to enjoy the different games at your own comfort. 

What to wear:

When visiting the Breakout Escape Room, it is best to wear comfortable clothing as well as shoes (like sneakers, etc.) to help you move around easily in the park, while also crossing the different physical obstacles in the games here.

To get to Breakout Avenue K, you must reach the KLCC LRT Station, from where you can take the elevator or escalator to L2, located near Fitness First, where the indoor park is located. 

To reach the Breakout Nu Sentral location, you can head over to KL Sentral LRT Station. From there, take a short walk to NU Sentral via the linked bridge, from where you can take the escalator to L4, which is located near the park.

Operational Hours:

The Breakout Escape Room remains open between 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday.

Visit in group: When availing the Breakout Escape Room Tickets Kuala Lumpur, it is best to have sufficient players in order to play the escape room games here, since larger groups of people have a higher chance of success at the riddles and mysteries

Picking right characters: One of the best ways to beat the escape game is to pick the right characters, using the correct strategy for your team

Use Oracle’s superpower: Don’t forget to use the superpower of the Oracle, a character shown in a sequence of images in every game before it starts, and displays the correct sequences of puzzles that you need to solve to get out of the room

Don’t overlook Assassin: Never overlook the Assassin if you want to beat the escape room quickly, since it is a very useful character even though it is the least popular, and can help to get you a clue


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